FastTrack is our cloud-based records management software. It allows law firms and legal departments to track their records from creation to final disposition using advanced barcode scanning technology.

Barcode and Scan Files

Barcoding & Scanning

Barcode and scan your records to track their every move from creation to final disposition. FastTrack automatically produces barcodes, which can be printed directly to labels and attached to boxes, folders or individual files. Using a handheld scanner, your records can then be scanned and their status uploaded into FastTrack so that you always know their exact location.

Track your records


FastTrack is an extensive file tracking system that allows users to see where a file is, who has it, and when it was taken or replaced. The provided scanner technology allows users to automatically update the status of multiple files quickly and easily.

Custom Reports

Custom Reporting

Sort your data in any arrangement/order you want, then generate a quick Excel report with a customized title and file name. Reporting is available at all Inventory & Maintenance screens.

Excel Export

Excel Exports

All of FastTrack's data screens allow for quick and easy exporting capabilities to Excel (.xls) format. Users can also create custom titles and file names for data exports so they can be easily identified and delivered to the appropriate person.

User Groups and Security

User Groups & Security

FastTrack has a permissions-based security system for user accounts. Administrators can create customized user groups, restricting access to certain actions and/or areas within FastTrack. Easily prevent certain users from editing, viewing, or deleting your data.

Custom Views and Filters

Custom Views and Filters

Customize exactly how you see your data. Users can create their own customized views of the data within FastTrack using advanced filtering & sorting functions. The customized views can then be exported directly to Excel.

Full Text Searching

Full Text Searching

Can't find a file? Know a word or phrase in it, but have no idea where to look? FastTrack's Full Text Search feature allows you to search for a word or phrase throughout the entire system, across all levels of your data inventory.

Data Imports

Data Imports

Quickly and easily import your data directly into FastTrack from a number of different systems including: time and billing systems, off-site storage vendors, payroll applications, etc. This saves hours of time on manual data entry.

Our Company

XTrack Technologies has developed and supported FastTrack, a full life cycle records management system for over 20 years. Our current version, FastTrack Cloud is a 100% web-based solution housed on state of the art, secure cloud servers. FastTrack is attractive to potential clients due to it's affordability, ease of use and high quality timely support. Our vast experience in the records management industry makes us the perfect partners for firms looking to manage their records from creation, through retention and ultimately destruction using advanced barcode/scanning technology.