Full Life-cycle
Records Management Software

Track and maintain your physical & digital files from creation through final disposition utilizing advanced barcoding technology with FastTrack.

FastTrack saves your business time & money


Advanced analytics available to track file room efficiency and cohesion.

Storage Costs

Lower your storage costs by destroying files you no longer need using destruction planning tools.

Save Space

Regain valuable and costly office space by sending seldom used files off-site.

File Requests

Cut down on costly off-site file requests by knowing exactly where your files reside.

FastTrack Full Text Search

Give your firm a productivity boost


Create customized reports, barcode, track your files' locations, scan, add, edit, delete, search, filter, sort, import, export, set user permissions, the list goes on...


One of our main goals was and continues to be; making FastTrack as secure as possible. All aspects of FastTrack and it's data transmissions are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.


FastTrack was designed with usability in mind and is accessible from anywhere you have internet access. Get up and running fast with intuitive user interfaces and fast load times.


Built on state-of-the-art cloud servers, FastTrack has some of the fastest response times on the web. Find your files fast and easy without long loading times.

Barcodes and Scanning

Our Customers & Partners

Our Company

XTrack Technologies has developed and supported FastTrack, a full life cycle records management system for over 20 years. Our current version, FastTrack Cloud is a 100% web-based solution housed on state of the art, secure cloud servers. FastTrack is attractive to potential clients due to it's affordability, ease of use and high quality timely support. Our vast experience in the records management industry makes us the perfect partners for firms looking to manage their records from creation, through retention and ultimately destruction using advanced barcode/scanning technology.